Whether you’re a business seeking legal guidance or an individual who needs representation – we have you covered.  Our nationally recognized organization was created to provide you with an accessible list of the most well-qualified attorneys in your area.

The American Trial Academy: Top Tier Lawyers

The ultimate collection of our Nation’s most outstanding lawyers. In fact, less than 2% of active American attorneys are chosen.  Membership is extended by invitation only, and is offered exclusively to the professionals who exemplify superior qualifications, leadership and results.

By utilizing the talent and discretion of the Academy’s Executive Board, the Oxford Heritage Institute is poised to create a uniquely gifted network of advocates;  thereby bridging the chasm between you (the client) and your chosen lawyer. Our goal is to connect you with the most exceptional  and appropriate lawyer for you and your particular case.   When just any lawyer won’t do; find the right one for you.

While most other entities employ an outdated and 100% subjective selection process, ours is dynamic and leverages technology, combining multi-layered subjective and objective criteria integrated with a proprietary artificial intelligence for what we believe to be the most accurate and judicious performance evaluation tool available.  Our reliable metrics have provided us (and you) with a pool of candidates that you can rely upon in making the ever important decision of hiring legal counsel.  Our members are indexed by location and practice area.  We “pull back the curtain” on the often daunting task of finding the right lawyer by providing an easily understood process and accessible platform.