Our primary goal is to actively endorse our members’ exceptional talent to the legal community and general public.

Aside from our legal branch, our tech savvy team can endorse our members in ways we feel are unmatched by competitors and never done before in this field.  While we still use the most effective traditional methods of endorsing and advertising, we also use our software acumen and cutting-edge strategies to better connect members with potential clients in today’s highly competitive market.  We offer far more than just the typical ‘referral’ network.

DIRECTLY assisting members by enhancing their business and clientele is the best service we can provide.  We don’t feel anyone has done a very good job at this, nor put forth much an effort.  This is what a membership organization should be about, and this is why we were created and exist.  Here is an expanded list of membership benefits:

We provide far more than the typical ‘referral’ network

Membership benefits

  1. Proactive Endorsements & Marketing Promotions. We pay to have members showcased through keywords, tags and phrase on an array of searches & ads geared towards their target audience.
  2. A distinguished certificate denoting members accomplishment as one of the nation’s ATA: Top Tier Lawyers.
  3. Your professional biography & photo featured on the American Trial Academy website.
  4. A personalized ‘Tweet’ published by our Institute and its affiliates to over 100k followers.
  5. A VIP invitation to any event hosted by the American Trial Academy in 2020-21.
  6. A complementary one-year subscription to the ATA newsletter.
  7. A donation on your behalf to the Fund for Justice & Education (FJE).
  8. A link to your profile on our geographically customizable map.
  9. Authority to post articles that can be viewed on our website. These may include your information following the article with a link to your member profile. Note: Articles should provide helpful consumer guidance and not intended as endorsements or containing unnecessary ‘plugs’.
  10. Ability to Change/edit your member profile autonomously from a computer or your phone at anytime.
  11. Potential cases referred to you through our service.
  12. Brand exposure through posted legal publications and articles.
  13. Networking through offered meetings and seminars.
  14. Optional plaque, etched/engraved desk keepsake denoting your accomplishment. Stay tuned for additional recognition offerings.
  15. Copy of our Top Tier Graphic/Logo which members may proudly display on their own legal website.