“Top Tier Lawyers” is a professional collection of our Nation’s top attorneys.

Membership into the organization is by invitation only and is offered exclusively to those individuals who exemplify superior qualifications and results. Our goal is to connect any and every type of person with the most qualified lawyer for their needs. Just as our members are guided by high ethical standards in practice, we strive to provide a valuable service by only including attorneys that are licensed, active, and at the pinnacle of their field.

We use various weighted metrics to pick our candidates in our research. We believe there is always room for improvement in any selection process so we constantly look for ways to refine it.  We consider many important factors, including, but not limited to, peer, judge, and client reviews – published and unpublished litigation results & settlements. – and contributions to the legal and non-legal community. Each of these factors combine to paint a bigger, clearer picture of how qualified each attorney may be.

Taken individually, these factors have strengths and weaknesses in providing  an accurate accounting of legal skill and acumen.  This is why, unlike many others, we use them all.


While one of the better parameters in evaluating, these reviews from colleagues, judges or clients introduces potential bias. 

Legal professionals are not immune to popularity, superior & subordinate bias.  Clients may lack knowledge/experience to adequately evaluate who is a qualified attorney.  The more reviews the more likely you may get to objective ratings.  While we may be biased, we believe our vast collection of information here is second to none. Being able to turn endless sets of information into something meaningful is where artificial intelligence becomes important.  There are tens of millions of peer, client and judicial reviews on lawyers.  Simply put, there are not enough people in any lawyer review agency who can evaluate all these reviews and individuals effectively, without artificial intelligence. 
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Boasting “win” percentages, settlement amounts may no accurately reflect if an attorney got the most for his or her client.

Approximately 90% of cases end in settlement which may be considered a ‘win’.  Settlement amounts, trial results, Nolle Prosequi (Charges/cases that are dropped) all help paint a clearer picture of a successful attorney.  Again, gathering and processing all this data effectively is where a high technical skillset is required with artificial intellegence.
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Contributions to the legal community and society as a whole may seem to have little correlation to how effective an attorney is but studies suggest otherwise.

Staying proactive and continuing to learn are vital characteristics in a dynamic changing legal system.   
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Additional factors

We use several other factors as well. There may be an unlimited amount of additional factors to best rate an individual.

See our selection process to better understand the logistical process we use in selecting our candidates.
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